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Deep Blue Robe

Deep Blue Robe
Deep Blue Robe
Deep Blue Robe
Deep Blue Robe

100% Tensel


Additional ties inside.Fixed belt on the back.


Tensel is a material of natural origin, which is made from Australian eucalyptus wood and subjected to nano-processing.  Tensel’s production is artificial and practically waste-free, does not harm the environment.

Tensel advantages:

🌱Environmental friendliness

  Cellulose fiber, which is the basis of tensel, is environmentally friendly, free of pesticides, completely biodegradable.

🌱 Hygroscopicity

  Tensel has enhanced hygroscopicity, it not only absorbs moisture remarkably, but also quickly displays it outside.

🌱 Strength

It is the strongest wood fiber fabric, durable in both dry and wet conditions.  When wet, it is three times more resistant to tearing than viscose.

🌱 Antibacterial

  Eucalyptus, from which the fibers are obtained, is appreciated for its antibacterial properties.  The substances contained in eucalyptus prevent the growth of microorganisms and have pronounced antimicrobial properties.  Mold or dust mite will never start in the canvas.

🌱 Air permeability

  The material "breathes" perfectly, i.e.  lets air in.

🌱Tactile comfort

  Extremely pleasant to the touch material, silky, thin and smooth.  Soft and elastic, with a slightly velvety surface, the fabric does not cause irritation on the skin and is very comfortable.

🌱Low creasing

  Despite the fact that the material is thin and soft, it practically does not wrinkle and does not require ironing - it is enough to dry in the expanded state after washing.


Tensel is able to adapt to the ambient temperature and regulate the microclimate - during the heat, such clothes will feel a pleasant dry coolness, and in the cold it can warm no worse than natural wool.

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